Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day Three

Well, I am officially done with my juice cleanse. I just sipped the last of my Cashew Milk. It was a great experience. I was honestly really nervous/scared to not eat for three days...but it was much easier than I ever anticipated. Lots and lots of liquids, some tasting much better than others, but now it is over. Today I had a hard time getting down both of my green juices. I had about a fourth of each of them left, but I was able to drink all six juices.

Tomorrow I am back to real food...or at least fruits and veggies. I am supposed to ease back into eating meat, dairy, sugar and caffeine. I am looking forward to breakfast. I will weigh myself in the morning to get my total weight loss. I think it is going to be around 3-4 pounds.

I highly suggest doing a juice cleanse. If you feel blah, or just want to kick start a healthier you, this is the way to go!

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