Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day One: Recap

As I am typing this, I am sipping on a tasty Cashew Milk. Y'all...call me crazy (and I hope I don't jinx myself), but I am not hungry! I am doing great. Mac sat next to me and ate pork tenderloin and a salad, and I just sipped on my Carrot Apple Beet juice. Here is a breakdown of my day.

The first juice is a Green juice. Eh. It was ok. It wasn't my favorite, but I was able to get it down. Next comes the Pineapple Apple Mint. Holy moly! This was delicious. I could drink it all day every day. It was refreshing, sweet and so tasty! The third juice was the Green juice again. A bit harder to get down the second time. I didn't drink all of it because I had a meeting at work and when I came back it wasn't cold. Next was a Spicy Lemonade. If you know me, you know that spicy is not my thing. Again, I didn't finish it but was able to drink most of it. Around dinner time I had the Carrot Apple Beet juice. Again, it was tolerable. Better than the Green juice, but not my favorite. And last is the Cashew Milk. It is kinda thick and cinnamony, it is a nice juice to end the day.


How Do I Feel?
Honestly, I feel fine! These juices are bigger than I thought, so I am really full. I didn't even finish two of them and I am not sure I can finish this Cashew Milk. You are also drinking water and herbal tea, so you are constantly filling up your body. With that being said...liquid in, liquid out. I have made a million trips to the restroom today, thank goodness I wore a dress and tights! I keep telling myself that my body is getting flushed out. I tried to drink at least one big cup of water in between each juice. 

I did have a bit of a headache this afternoon and my stomach was growling, but I am pretty sure both of those things are mental. I had a pretty intense headache on Monday night, but I think that has something to do with cutting out all caffeine (I started the ban on Saturday). 

My juice didn't arrive until 11 a.m. today, so I had to really work to fit in all of them. I am looking forward to Day Two so I don't feel as rushed. The BPC service has been fantastic. They send you emails each day preparing you for the cleanse. When the box arrived the juice was wrapped up in this insulated bubble wrap with about ten little ice packs. I stuck these in my freezer...they will be great to use down the road! You also get a little cooler bag to keep your juices in during the day.

My fingers are crossed that I feel just as good tomorrow. I have a massage scheduled after work tomorrow as a treat and to help remove even more toxins! Ready for Day Two!

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