Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to everyone! This week my favorite is a tasty one...macarons! They are just the best. It's a perfect little sweet treat that isn't too filling, but full of flavor.

They used to be a treat just when I traveled. This fall when I was in San Fran, I hit up Miette, an adorable little bakery that specializes in macarons. I have their cookbook but haven't attempted baking them in my kitchen just yet.

Before Christmas I discovered that I can get my favorite treat right here in Memphis from Pistache. Pistache specializes in macarons and chocolates. Their products are sold at Miss Cordelia's, the CY Farmers Market, and on Etsy (with free Memphis delivery). I have yet to have a flavor that I didn't love!

My fingers are crossed that in lieu of flowers for Valentine's Day, I have a big box of macarons with my name on it! Yum yum!

The photos below are from Miette and some pre-Christmas Pistache macarons.