Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to Camden

Our big day is SO close. Tents are going up, programs are folded, bridesmaids are coming to town...the celebration is about to begin! For those of you traveling to Camden for the wedding, I really want you to enjoy your time in our lovely city. 

I have made a few suggestions below of my favorite restaurants. Everyone who is staying at the Best Western will receive a copy of this in their goody bag. I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with all of you. Thanks to everyone who is traveling and attending the wedding. Mac and I are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family. See you soon!

Looking for some delicious Camden catfish?
The Country and Western 731.584.3026
The Catfish Place 731.584.3504
1850 Log House Restaurant 731.584.7814

Looking for a delicious cheeseburger and milkshake?
Nunnery’s 731.584.4942

Looking for some tasty Mexican food?
El Vallarta 731.584.2440

How about Kaitlin’s favorite pizza?
Craig’s Pizza 731.584.4920

Cheeseburgers and chicken?
Goodwings 731.584.5580

Need some breakfast?
E. W. James has great donuts! 731.584.6133

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Are Almost Official

Sorry for the lack of has been hectic around here! With only TEN days until the big day, there are many to-dos that must be done.

Yesterday, Mac and I checked one big item off of the list...we got our marriage license. It was quite the ordeal, but all that matters is that we finally have it in our hands. 

This is my last week of work before the wedding, so I am trying to wrap up all of my Memphis things before I head home to Camden. Tonight I am going to run a bazillion errands after work and hopefully get most of my list checked off.

Mac and I are both looking forward to celebrating with everyone in Camden very soon! As previously promised, I will get a list up of my favorite places to eat, so you can enjoy delicious treats while in the big city of Camden.

See you all very soon!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Wow...time sure does fly! I can't believe that we have one month until the wedding. I know that many of you are looking to plan your weekend in the lovely town of Camden. Am I right?

Well, look no further. I am working on a post (that will stay on one of the tabs at the top) with my favorite restaurants and things to do (?) in Camden. If you are looking for the best fried catfish or where could you get some late-night snacks, I will provide that information for you! I will aim to get that post up early next week.

As for today, I am headed to Florida with a group of friends for my bachelorette weekend. I just hope that a tropical storm does not rain (literally) on our parade.

Wish us luck!