Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome Pepper Priestley!

Mac and I are thrilled to welcome Pepper, our doberman puppy, into our lives! We drove up to Missouri Friday afternoon and picked her out. There were ten puppies and four little girls. Mac picked out Pepper because of her great markings and coloring. Our drive home wasn't too eventful. She sat in my lap the whole way and napped. She would cry a little when she woke up, but would then immediately fall back asleep! We stopped halfway to see if she needed to potty, but no sir.

We got to our house around 9:30 pm. We gave her some food and water and sat her in her crate...she immediately went to sleep! We put a ticking clock by her crate to remind her of her siblings and mothers heartbeat. Several people recommended that we do this. I am no sure if it was the clock, or the stress she had been under, but she slept all night! I made Mac get up to check on her around 4am and this woke her up. He took her outside and she went to the potty! We put her back in the crate and she went to sleep!

This morning we took her to the vet (she weighs 10.2 lbs) and pet store to get some new food. The vet said we need to plump her up a little bit. We stopped at Kroger to get some Pedialyte and then the pet store (again) to buy some powdered milk. Let me tell you...Pepper loved her warm milk/food combo. I think we can fatten her up pretty soon! This afternoon, we have gone on a walk and she is now napping in the shade on the front porch. Fingers crossed that tonight goes as well as last night! Thanks to everyone for all of the love you have sent Pepper's way. We sure think she is precious!

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