Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Surprise! Mac is 30!

Finally! Almost two weeks later I am getting around to posting about Mac's surprise birthday party! This event is going to be broken up into a few posts. Today's is all about the details! I first started thinking about Mac's 30th about two months ago. I knew we needed to do something big, but wasn't sure what that would be. I toyed with the idea of a skating party or maybe a backyard cookout. Then I realized that Mac's favorite new pastime of bowling would be perfect! And why not make it a surprise!?

 So I began planning (and Pinteresting) to make it a reality. I knew that the bowling alley had delicious pizza, so that took care of the main course, and I could do a whole table of all Mac's favorite foods. The decor had to feature the big 3-0 but not too much frills...because hey, he is a guy and he is 30. 

I have to give a very special THANK YOU to my parents and Libby and Darrell Smith. Without their help setting up and planning, the party wouldn't have happened! Thank you so much! Libby and my Dad also took all of the photos you are going to see below.

 So here is our main table with all of Mac's favorite foods! We had pimento cheese dip, Pancho's cheese dip, pickles, jalapenos, olives, cheese, Oreo balls and fruit pies. I got my lovely blue table cloth at Target, made the banners while in Camden for DeeDee's weekend, and ordered all the balloons at Kroger!

Check out the tray of Mac's favorite snacks! There are also little bowling balls and 30 signs nestled into the snacks!
 Here is our bowl of tasty Oreo balls. (Sorry I can't get the photo to flip!) These were a favorite of the party goers.

 Ta-da! Thanks to Muddy's Bake Shop for the fantastic fruit pies. If you know Mac at all, you know that his favorite desserts are pies and cobblers...not cake! We lit them up with Happy Birthday candles and 30 signs! They were SO tasty. Muddy's is known for their delicious cupcakes, but these pies were amazing.

 I made a total of four "Mac is 30" banners for the ball return and the main food table. I also had large "30" signs that went on all of our chairs! For an old bowling alley, I think it made a great party spot for Mac's big day.

Hope you enjoyed all of our party decor. I will be back with some more photos of all the bowling fun!


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