Friday, April 13, 2012

Surprise! Mac is 30! pt. 2

We had so much fun at Mac's party! I am grateful to everyone for making time in their weekend to attend. I have over 250 photos from the party...thanks Libby and Dad! Here are a few.

Cliff, Lauren, Joe and Kathy

Me and the birthday boy! Notice the ribbon...just to make sure everyone knew he was 30.

Another thank you to Libby!! You were the best party helper ever!
Mac's bowling league team members, Darrell and Matt!
(Also our Florida friends! Is it August yet?!)

This is how Mac reacted to the surprise. Just a big wave and a "hello!".

I think this is his real surprise face. It finally sunk in what was going on!

Joe, Kathy, mom and me!
Rusty and the birthday boy!

At the end of the night, Mac decided to show off his "unique" bowling form.

Again, sorry the photo won't flip. My mom greatly improved her bowling over this two hour period. Check out that form!

Me, Mac, Adam and Jessica
We can't wait for their wedding in just a few weeks!

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