Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dee Dee's Weekend

This post is going to take us way back to March! When I uploaded my photos, I realized I never blogged about Dee Dee's Weekend! This year we held the second annual event on March 24th! Mac was riding in a motorcycle rally and Dynelle was in New Orleans, so Jack and I rode to Camden together to celebrate Dee Dee and how awesome she is! Aunt Linda and Jennifer came down from Ohio earlier in the week so we could all be together.

We started the day out with the Cooper tradition of a big breakfast with chocolate gravy. Oh my...how I love chocolate gravy. You can see from the photo below that we require a vat of it to feed our family. What you don't see is that there is still a large pot of chocolate gravy sitting on the stove! Ha!
 I pretty much spread the delicious gravy on everything on my plate...biscuits, strawberries, bacon, it doesn't matter. It is all tasty.

After breakfast, we just sat around and visited. We always have lots of laughs. Dee Dee celebrated her 93rd birthday on February 14, but hey, when you are 93, why not celebrate again!? We all met up for dinner at Country and Western to celebrate. There were friends, family and people from her church that joined us to celebrate.  I think Dad ordered the cake. I am not sure if you can tell from this photo, but the sucker was huge! We handed out cake to everyone in the restaurant. Haha! After dinner, Jack and I headed back to Memphis.
 It was a quick trip, but always worth it to spend time with our awesome family! I can't wait to celebrate again next year!

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