Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pepper Update

Well Mac and I have survived the first few days of puppy ownership! We are working on learning how her schedule works with our schedule, when she needs to potty, sleep, and play! She has still not used the potty in the house, which is awesome! I am so proud of her for that. We are working on the sleep schedule. Night one, she slept most of the night. Night two, she cried all night. Night three, she has one potty break at 10 pm. And last night she slept all night. Hopefully Mac and I are successful at wearing her out right before bed.

She has had an exciting past few days. Pepper met her cousin Teddy, a German Shepard! They played very well together. She went on a walk in the riverfront park and many walks around our house. However, she is biting like a snapping turtle so we are working to fix that. Enjoy a few adorable photos!

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