Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Life Lately

Well hello! Yes, Mac and I are still alive..but we sure have been busy! Let me give you a quick rundown of the past two weeks! Mom came to Memphis last weekend. We got her an iPhone on Friday and on Saturday she taught me how to sew! Mac and I are officially getting a puppy, and on Saturday we kind of realized that we were not prepared. With Mom in tow, we went to Hollywood Feed and picked out our puppy basics and then Mom and I made a dog bed!

This week has been hectic too! I had a book club meeting on Monday, Addams Family at the Orpheum on Tuesday, tonight kicks off our Corporate Partner Summit at work, and we get the puppy on Friday. Mac's team got first place in their bowling league on Tuesday, so he was pretty pumped about that. He gets a big trophy next week.

So Friday is the big day! We are driving to pick out our doberman puppy, Basilone. We can't wait to meet her and will be sure to post plenty of photos as soon as we get her home. Wish us luck!

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