Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tacky Christmas

Last Saturday, Mac and I hosted a Tacky Christmas Party. It was so much fan. Mac really got into the occasion. He purchased a "leg lamp" for the occasion and also switched out most of the light bulbs in the house to red and green ones. Hope you enjoy all of the photos! I think this is the first of an annual event.

 Mac was very proud of his tacky outfit.

 My friend Leah, from NYC, was here to work the St. Jude Marathon, and spent the night with us. I am so glad she was able to join in the tacky fun! She helped with party prep all day Saturday! Thanks, friend.

 Whitney is all for any occasion where she can wear footie pjs and a fanny pack. 

 Guys at the party.

 The whole tacky bunch.

 The girls at the party. Linea, whats the matter?

 I am not quite sure, but I think Burton is doing a tap dance for Leah.

Rusty loved the chili so much that he decided to use the big spoon on the wall. I was not too happy about that.


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