Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Weekend

Mac and I had a busy, but very successful weekend!

Friday night we went to dinner at Movie and a Pizza and used one of our Groupons. So our delicious meal of pizza and beer cost us only $3. Winner! We then drove around and looked at Christmas lights. We stopped by Starbucks and used my free drink coupon for a venti peppermint hot chocolate that we shared. Winner again! We then went home and I immediately fell asleep on the couch. I think it was 10 p.m.

Saturday was a busy day. I picked up and cleaned up the house. Wrapped presents. Fixed lunch and picked up the house some more. Mac worked on staining the fence (he is almost done!) and cleaned up the garage. He also attached the reindeer antlers and nose to my car. I feel so festive when I am driving around town! That night was Linea's annual holiday party filled with Christmas cheer and crafts. Mac and a friend went to the Bob Seger concert. Fun was had by all!

Sunday Mac and I met Linea at church and then grabbed a quick lunch at Panera. We then went our separate ways. he went to Germantown to drop off our wooden swing at his Dad's house for some repair and I (fingers crossed) finished up the Christmas shopping. I stopped by the Junior League headquarters for a quick holiday gathering and then headed home. At home we did laundry, cooked dinner and I made marshmallows for my work friends. I will be making a second batch very soon. They are so delicious!

Oh, and at some point I addressed all of our Christmas cards. You should be getting yours in the mail soon. By a miscalculation, I did not quite order enough of our wedding "Merry Christmas" picture cards. Oops. So here is the photo below for you to enjoy. I will also be posting it on Facebook.

 I had a real hard time deciding between color and black and white. The Christmas cards got the black and white photo.

I hope tonight that Mac and I can just you can see it was an exhausting weekend!

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