Thursday, May 19, 2011

Under Construction

Our wedding reception is being held at my neighbor's home. I have grown up across the street from the it is only fitting that our reception is at their house! We are taking a bit of a risk with an outdoor reception, but we are going to have plenty of tents in case of bad weather. (Start praying now for lovely weather on Oct. 1)

Mrs. Vicki has been wanting to expand their outdoor living space for some time now, and our wedding reception has provided the perfect opportunity for just that. We have only been to Camden a few times since the construction began, and there are major additions each time we visit. I have a few photos below from our most recent visit to the construction site. 

The new additions to their house (or "The Bandstand", as Mr. John is calling it) are going to be great year round...and especially enjoyable on our wedding day.

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