Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flood Update

As many of you know, I live on Mud Island. It is normally a lovely place to live. However, will all of our rain and the normal spring is turning into a bit of a nightmare. I am surrounded by the Wolf River Lagoon as well as the Mississippi River. I live on the north side of the Island, so the Wolf River is more of an immediate threat, but the Mississippi is threatening to cut off access to the Island. 

Last night, Mac invited over some of his friends to help move all of my furniture up to the second story of my house. Silly? Maybe. But I would much rather be prepared. Thanks to all of his friends who helped us out. 

I am keeping a few changes of clothes, my computer, my laptop, and my bridesmaid dress for a wedding this weekend in my car at all times. I have a few photos below of the flooding. I am hoping to get out this afternoon and get some more pictures of the Mississippi. However, the "flood tourists" are making Mud Island traffic miserable. I may have honked at a car yesterday. Oops.
 My friend Linea took this photo. This is the second large parking lot on the Island. The river is normally below the farthest tree line.

 My friend Linea took this photo. These are townhouses on the Wolf River side of Harbor Town. The water is normally down a hill from the garages.

 The townhouses you just saw are to the right of this photo. This is the backyard of the Montessori school on the Island. There is normally an amphitheatre here.

 This is the marina on the Island. The ramp usually goes down. Now it is level with the ground. There is no boat ramp.

 Sandbags around the school.

 This is the access road off of the north side of the Island. This is about four houses down from mine. 

 This is just one of the tourist attractions on the Island. There has been a steady stream of traffic by my house for about two weeks. Katie and I said we could have make a killing off of a lemonade stand.

 Moving the furniture. 

 Cramming all of it in my guest bedroom.

 This used to be the access road by my house. 

Same location as the previous photo, just now facing my house. I am standing at the water line and my house is the fourth one. 

I will keep the blog updated with the latest news and hopefully photos!

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