Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We love the Olympics!

A few weeks ago my friends and co-workers, Linea and Amy, and I decided that we needed to be sure to host an Opening Ceremony. Four years ago, Amy and I were in Boston for work, and we watched the Opening Ceremony to the Beijing Olympics in our hotel room together (and ordered Chinese food to be festive). We knew that we had to continue the tradition and hosting a party would be the perfect thing! Linea ordered the medals, Amy crafted the Olympic rings, and I provided the location for the big shindig. 

We had more patriotic decorations than we all realized, so the house was completely decked out. We asked all party attendees to sport red, white and blue and had an all-American menu. Pepper was very well behaved at the party and even provided some entertainment with her expert ball-catching skills and flag waving ability. Hope you enjoy a few photos of the party below!

Oops...didn't quite get this one centered. Self-timer fail!

She loved waving the flag!


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