Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Last Friday, Mac told me he was taking me to dinner on Monday night for my birthday! I am going to be out of town later this week, so we were going to celebrate early. I thought that would be just fine! After work yesterday, he told me that we had early reservations so I needed to hurry up and get ready. We got in the car and headed towards downtown and he said that we were going to get a drink first at South of Beale. I thought that sounded great...I love their Cherry Limeades. Well... we get to SOB, walk in the door, and I hear "SURPRISE!". I was shocked! I see tons of my friends sitting at a big tables with balloons! He got me! I was totally surprised. 

We had so much fun! Everyone visited and ordered food, but then the kitchen flooded (and D couldn't fix it fast enough), so we headed next door to Spindini for half price pizzas and bottles of wine. 

I was really sad that I was going to be out of town (and working!) on my birthday, but last night was so much fun! I have a few photos, but today is crazy with prep work for my time out of the office, so I will have to post them when I get back. The highlight of the night was when we took home the balloons to Pepper. She was not quite sure of them!

Tomorrow I am headed to Dover, DE for five days! The program I work on is the charity of choice for a brand new music festival, Firefly Music Festival. Check it out! I am excited to take part in this first year event. Stay tuned for posts from Dover!

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