Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long Weekend and a Trip

Do your long weekends run together? Mine sure do! I was trying to think about what all we did this past weekend, and it is just one big blur! Poor Mac had to work on Monday, but I had the day I got to enjoy mine a little bit longer. Here are a few of the things we did/accomplished this MLK weekend!
  • Took down and put up the outside Christmas lights/decor.
  • Put up all the Christmas dishes...which led to a total re-organization of the kitchen
  • Lots of laundry
  • Saw a movie with Linea on Monday (The Descendants...ehhh, it was ok. It is a "rent a redbox" kind of movie, not a "see in the theater" kind of movie)
  • Enjoyed a Mexican meal with Whitney
  • Visited with Leah (and John Rich) in the Peabody Lobby
  • Slept late!
  • Cooked some good meals (blackberry cobbler was included)
Overall, it was a great three day weekend!

In other news, we are planning a trip! I have been wanting to go on a ski trip ever since Mac and I went skiing last winter in North Carolina! I have talked, and talked, and talked about it...and it is finally booked! We are going with the Smiths to Park City, UT! I have only ever skied in Colorado and NC, so I am very excited about our upcoming vacation! I cannot wait to see those mountains and play in the snow.

Also, I feel like this is blog-worthy news as well...Mac and I have been researching/exploring the idea of a puppy. Mac is 100% set on getting a Doberman. I was 100% terrified of this idea. Well, we got a book about the breed, and have met one Doberman, Ripley. I am warming up to the idea. (Shocking, right?) We have plans to meet another Doberman, Bella, this weekend. Mac has been doing lots of research on breeders in the area as well as the proper training for a dog.....SO we will see! Stay tuned to see if and when there will be an addition to the Priestley family!

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