Friday, November 18, 2011

Zoo Lights Preview Party

Well, Mac and I had a delicious dinner at Paulette's on Wednesday. So delicious, in fact, that I did not take a single photo! Oh well. We have one more reservation tonight at Bleu, a new downtown restaurant. Hopefully I can remember to snap a few photos. 

I did remember to take photos at the Zoo Lights event! Unfortunately they were all on my iPhone, so the quality is lacking. I ended up getting tickets to the Zoo Lights Preview Party through work, so I took Whitney! There were crafts and cupcakes involved, so Mac decided to sit this one out. This was my third annual Zoo Lights trip, and they were just as beautiful this year as in the past! I highly suggest you visit the Zoo during the holidays for a festive activity.

At the GiGi's Cupcakes area you could have pre-decorated delicious cupcakes OR...

 Decorate them yourself! Go Whitney! Martha would be proud.

 Linea warms up her piping skills for the upcoming holiday baking season.

 If you have ever been to Zoo Lights, the Singing Christmas Trees are an exciting thing to see. It is about 15 Christmas trees on three levels that light up to the Christmas music that is playing in the background. They used to be at the entrance of the Zoo, but they are now hidden in a back corner. This gave me the perfect opportunity to pose as a tree. I totally blend in, right?

 We chose not to ice skate on this Zoo Lights trip, but it is always a fun time! I caught the blinking lights right as they changed to a festive red and green!

I know it is not quite the holiday season, but visiting the Zoo sure got me in the spirit! I can't wait to pull out more of my decorations this weekend. I also got word that 104.5 has (finally) switched to continuous Christmas music!! Tis the season!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I am looking forward to it!

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