Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DDW - Felicia Suzanne's

Well, my first night of Downtown Dining Week was a huge success. Felicia Suzanne's did not disappoint. 

First, I had to take a photo with my Nana (my bestie). We love food!

First course was the famous BFLT salad. It is a thick fried green tomato topped with a cheesy spread, topped with bacon, topped with greens tossed in a tasty dressing. It is seriously heaven on a plate. I have had it several times before and the BFLT never fails. * All of my food photos will not flip. Weird. Sorry! Also, the lighting was pretty terrible.

Second course was also delish. It was beef bolognese over homemade potato dumplings with parm cheese on top. Talk about comfort food. I wanted to wrap up in a blanket and take a nap after eating this entree! Yummy!

Dessert was a Pumpkin Tres Leches Cake. Do I need to say anything else? YUMMMY!

I almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant. It was so good. Do you see why I love DDW?? All of this amazing food was only $20.12. Awesome.

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Tonight we are headed to Aldo's for the pizza special. Can't wait!



  1. I went to FZ for DDW with friends too! I had the same as you except I had the chocolate bread pudding. Everything was so good, especially the bolognese!! How fun.

    1. I love eating at FS anytime I get a chance! Love it!