Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DDW - Bleu

 Mac and I went to Bleu for our final night of DDW. We went last year and were really impressed. This year...not so much. It was ok, but I had high expectations that were not met. However, we did have dinner with our friends Whitney and Ethan, so the company was great!

Mac started off with some sort of stuffed oyster (just one) and I had a salad with pears. It was pretty tasty. I also forgot to take photos. Oops.

For the main course, I had chicken that was super tasty. It was lightly breaded with a balsamic glaze. Mac had venison. I think he liked it!

Next was dessert. I was SO disappointed. The menu said it was a molten chocolate cake, but what we got was some sort of a muffin. It wasn't chocolate, spice or caramel...I am not sure of the flavor. There was nothing molten about it. Very very sad. Oh well, a mediocre end to our Downtown Dining Week!

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