Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honeymoon pt.1

Better four months late than never, huh? My bestie, Court, mentioned that I had never posted any of our honeymoon photos on the blog...and I realized that she was right. We dove right into the holidays after the wedding and honeymoon, and I honestly just forgot. So enjoy the next few posts all about our Mexican Honeymoon!

Mac and I literally got one hour of sleep after the wedding before we headed to the airport. We took a limo from Camden to Memphis and got to our house at 2 a.m. Our flight was at 6 a.m., so we literally set our alarms for one hour and took a short nap. We got to the airport and our flight was delayed, and delayed and delayed. We quickly realized that we would miss our connecting flight in ATL, so I asked the gate agent to book us on the next flight from ATL to Cancun. We were originally supposed to get to ATL around 10 a.m. catch a 11 a.m. flight and be in Mexico by 1 p.m. With our sudden change of plans...we got to ATL around noon and the next flight to Cancun was at 7 p.m. YES! We had SEVEN hours in the ATL airport. It was pretty terrible. However, we finally got to our resort around 11 p.m. and literally collapsed. We were so happy to be there. We ordered some nachos from room service and immediately went to bed. The next few days were wonderful. Here are a few photos!

 This was our first day on the beach. We loved the swinging beach beds and were pretty much able to get one every day. 

 This was kind of in the middle of the beach at the resort. They do weddings here and romantic candle-lit dinners at night.

 Obligatory towel animal photo.

 BEAUTIFUL sunset on Day 2. You can see that I spent 30 minutes curling my hair prior to this photo. The Mexican humidity taught me my lesson pretty quickly. You will notice the abundance of up-dos for the rest of the trip.

Mac enjoyed his time on the beach bed on Day 3. By this time I had learned that I could not enjoy the all inclusive drinks during the day as well as the night. I just enjoyed reading my book and listening to the ocean. However, I am pretty sure Mac tried every drink on the menu...twice. :)

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