Thursday, February 2, 2012

Honeymoon pt. 2

Let me make a side note and say how BEAUTIFUL it is in Memphis today. If Phil seeing his shadow means six more weeks of this, then bring it on! I am going to make a quick post of photos before Mac gets home from work so we can go on a bike ride! 


 Another lovely sunset. You can see by this time we have mastered the self-timer on the camera.

 Another towel animal. I just loved him.

 Self-timer excellence! We must have really liked our outfits this night because I have a million pictures of us from this one evening!

 Pretty beach. Pretty water. 

 Not sure what the thumbs up is for, but I did love that they lined all of the sidewalks with the coconuts from the palm trees.

 An area of the beach with beach huts

Yet another self-timer photo!

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