Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fiesta Time!

Last weekend was full of wedding fun! Mac and I kicked off the weekend with a wonderful Fiesta Shower in Nashville. My lovely MoHs and their families hosted this fun-filled party for us! We had a delicious Mexican meal, festive decor, and my very favorite dessert. Mac and I were also treated to some awesome gifts. I can't wait to bring everything down from the guest bedroom and start using it in my kitchen.

Check out a few photos (thanks, Dad!) from our Fiesta Shower below!

 Mac and I had bride and groom sombreros!

 Getting ready to dig into our delicious Mexican meal!

 Friends! It is so fun to hang out with everyone!

 Mac and I with two of our lovely hostesses.

 Enjoying las paletas (my fav!) with my MoHs (also my fav!).

 DeeDee and Kermit also enjoy las paletas!

I got really freaked out when I realized these notecards had my new name. Kaitlin Priestley. So weird.

Thanks again to the Peras, Pembertons and Wardens for hosting such a wonderful party!

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