Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tacky Christmas 2012

Mac and I hosted our annual Tacky Christmas party on Saturday night. It was a bit warm for Christmas sweaters, but all of our friends brought the Christmas spirit despite the 70 degree temperatures. A great time was had by all! 

Pepper was such a good girl at the party! She loved getting to visit with every person! After she growled at me a few times, I realized that she was too hot in her sweater, so I took it off and let her just wear her Christmas collar!

Bre brought Christmas photo props for us. I had to bust out the glue gun, but once they were assembled, everyone enjoyed them!

Mac added battery operated lights to his sweater this year. It was a huge hit.

The group photo was a self-timer win! Unfortunately, Mac is covering up Pepper so you can't see her!

Linea (my Nana) loves me and Pepper!

My sweet friend, Leah, was in from NYC for the Marathon. So glad she was able to stop by!

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