Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Mac and I had a very busy, fun, successful Labor Day weekend! We started out on Friday at Zoo Brew. Mac's brother and his wife joined us and we had a great time. All week there was a forecast of rain, but when Friday came...it was a beautiful day! Towards the end, there was a short downpour but we had our ponchos ready.

On Saturday morning, Mac and I packed up Peps and headed to Murray for a weekend with family at the lake. Unfortunately Isaac had different plans for us, but we still had a great time in Murray. We were able to see Chad and Missy's new house and had lots of fun and laughs together. I would also like to note that Pepper was very well behaved. I was very proud of her. 

Since rain was inevitable, we decided to head back to Memphis on Sunday afternoon. After a short pit stop in Camden, we hit the road. Whitney was in town, so after unpacking we went to meet her and some friends at Alchemy. 

Monday. Whew Monday. As soon as we woke up, Mac wanted to have breakfast at Bryant's, so off we went. Breakfast was delicious as always. We finally realized that we can easily split an omelet (especially since it come with THREE biscuits) and decided to get a cinnamon roll too. Amazing. How have we been missing out on the cinnamon roll for so long?! We headed on some errands and then home to cross several things off of our growing to-do list. 

Mac hung my Target curtains. It took a few tries but we finally got it. Then he hung my two wall sconces from Anthro, and he got those on the first try! He was diy'ed out, so I decided to assemble my new Target desk for my craft room. Of course, I get down to the last bolt and the hole isn't drilled in the right place. Mac to the rescue! He drilled me a new hole and we were in business! I don't have a photo of my desk in action, but I included the Target photo so you can see what I am working with. Now I just need a fun lamp, some bins, etc.

Mac and I decided to have ribs for dinner. I had seen a great recipe a few weeks ago and we decided to give it a go. TRY THESE RIBS! They were so good. Mac wasn't into the balsamic glaze, so he just used Corky's sauce. They were fall off the bone tender. After cleaning up dinner, unpacking, and showering we collapsed in the bed. We had a great weekend!

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