Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frog in the Toilet!!!!

I spent the majority of my evening yesterday cleaning up the house. I washed sheets, towels and several other loads of laundry. I picked up junk and know all of those fun things! Well Mac decided to go to bed a little early (9:30!) and I was still working on laundry. When I got the last load out of the dryer I decided to clean the laundry room floors. I grabbed some paper towels and was going to wet them to get up the majority of the dust and lint. I headed into our half bath to wet the towels in the sink, and I notice there is something in the toilet. IT. IS. A. BIG. BLACK. FROG. 

I backed out of the bathroom screaming for Mac. He is sound asleep. He opened his eyes and I began pleading with him to get up. "Mac! There is a frog in the toilet! Please go get it. I'm serious, there is a frog in the toilet. It is black. It is big. I think its going to jump out. Please get up and get it. Please. Frog. Toilet. Now."

He rolled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom toilet. I am standing by the bed shaking in fear and watching his reaction. He kind of stood there for a minute looking and then he reached down to flush it.

"DON'T FLUSH IT!! IT IS TOO BIG", I screamed. He just looked at me, shook his head and said, "It's lint. I threw it in there earlier when I took out some laundry. It does look like a frog though." He walked back into the bedroom and went back to sleep. On the other hand, I stood in the same place with my heart racing for, oh, another ten minutes.

Happy Thursday to all! And for future knowledge, Mac and I will be having a discussion about never again throwing lint in the toilet. :)

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